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  • All trainers have extensive machine experience and a vast understanding of the corrugated process

  • All trainings include a combination of classroom and hands on machine training 

  • Classroom compression evaluations conducted to ensure understanding

  • Trainers evaluate on job performance and coaching during operation

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At Corrugator Training and Services, we have extensive corrugator machine experience and a vast understanding of the corrugated process. Our training includes classroom and hands-on corrugator machine training with classroom evaluations to ensure understanding.  We also conduct corrugator performance evaluations and provide coaching during the operation process.

  • Radio Communications

    With radio communication our trainers can hear and coach team on effective communication on the corrugator

  • Evaluate and Correct as Needed

    Time is taken during upset situations to discuss and evaluate with team, corrections that can be made for a more efficient time down or prevention

  • Reinforce Training and Ensure Sustainability

    Trainers work with on-site champion and supervision that will reinforce training and ensure sustainability after departure

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